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About Us

Who We Are

Farbe Education provides materials and support in the field of English language instruction for younger learners. Our materials are suitable for those who find EFL methodology too restrictive, but find materials for native speakers of English inappropriate for their educational environment.

Smart Cookies, Smart Stars, Little Genius and all accompanying materials come together with the support and guidance we provide to form practical and philosophical system in which language learning truly takes place.

Working with Farbe Education allows the instructor to move away from guided memorization of isolated lexical groups and structures and concentrate on the attitude towards and the skills required for life-long language learning.

Our programmes have helped teachers and learners to find a renewed joy in both the English language classroom and in core L1 lessons.

What We Do

Our team of experts provide services for educational institutions in the area of ELT including:

- Curriculum design and development
- Materials design and development
- Teacher training
- Digital learning platform
- KG language learning models
- Library services for both local and international curricula.

With our widespread supply and distribution network, we currently offer services for private primary and secondary local and International schools throughout Turkey.